Cinema Experience From The Comfort Of Your Home.

UK cinemas have been closed since March due to the current global situation, but since July 4th they have once again been allowed to re-open. So why aren’t we all flocking to the big-screen? For many of people, there is simply still too much associated risk with going to the cinema, so how else can you get that experience?

We loved going to the cinema often before lockdown, one of our favourite pastimes, so we’ve been keeping up that tradition from the comfort of our living room. Curtains drawn, volume up and sharing a box of our 5 star rated pick & mix sweets on the couch.

We’ve even exhausted Netflix for the time being and turned to a trusty collection of classic DVD’s!

We’d love to hear what traditions you’ve adapted to keep alive during the past few months of lockdown. For anyone who got this far, here’s 15% off our vegan sweet boxes for your own small-screen experience using code ‘FILMNIGHT’ at checkout.

Ryan & Emily
Innocent Sweets Co.

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