Innocent Sweets Co. launches charitable BLK promotion, a Black Friday / Cyber Weekend deal with a difference.

Instead of giving discounts, we are giving donations on behalf of all customers. For all purchases using our Black Friday code BLK from tomorrow through to Monday, we will donate £2 from every order to our selected vegan charity.

The charity we have chosen this year is Brinsley Animal Rescue, home to Borris the blind bull, and his rescued dairy cow friends.

The Charity is run by vegans, on vegan values, therefore they do not believe in exploiting animals for food, profit or entertainment. Brinsley Animal Rescue take in pets, wild animals and farm animals, and their aim is to rehome pets and farm animals and release wild animals back into the wild. Where they cannot rehome pets and farm animals, they provide them with permanent sanctuary.

By shopping with us this weekend, you’re also helping Borris and his friends. No amount of discount we can offer would have more of a positive impact than that.

Happy shopping people! Go get your vegan stocking fillers 🙌.

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