Cola Bottle Pick ‘N’ Mix

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Cola bottles are the pick ‘n’ mix sweet of choice for many, and now they’ve been re-imagined. Don’t worry, it’s still the same traditional great taste, but without any of the non-vegan nasties. Introducing our completely vegan cola bottle sweets selection. Within this box, you’ll receive an even share of the classic cola bottle, cherry cola bottles, and the new kid on the block; bubblegum bottles.

✔ Vegan cola bottles
✔ Loaded with fizz
✔ Perfect for sharing!

Weight: 850g


1 review for Cola Bottle Pick ‘N’ Mix

  1. Katie x

    Omg these are incredible! Thank you Innocent Sweets. Cola bottles are my fave, might have to order a box full of just them next time lol

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