KFC partnered with Beyond Meat to test drive its plant-based ‘chicken’ at the fast food chain’s outlet in Atlanta, Georgia. A lot of people showed up to try the meatless offering as KFC says it sold out its entire supply within five hours and that the quantity of Beyond Fried Chicken sold was equal to that of traditional popcorn chicken that the branch sells in an entire week.
Plant-based meat products seem to have a been in strong demand, something that recently pushed Burger King to launch its Impossible Whopper nationwide.

With a seemingly great first trial, which KFC will now analyse for a better understanding of the demand of plant-based meat (of which there is a lot).  The partnership between KFC and Beyond Meat could eventually mean a US nationwide roll out to compete with other restaurant chains and their plant-based alternatives like Impossible Foods.

Meatless products have the potential to attract vegan customers or those looking to cut down meat from their diet. Whilst we don’t support the companies treatment and slaughter of millions of chickens, we do support all steps towards a mainstream, plant-based, cruelty free diet.

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