Our Steps To Become The Most Ethical Vegan Sweets Company.

For those not already aware, Innocent Sweets Co is not only a vegan sweets supplier, but is also completely vegan-owned and run. Surprisingly, some of the other larger vegan sweet companies are not. We personally believe how we, the owners, act in our personal lives is so important to many of our customers and has such a positive impact on how passionate we are about providing the best vegan sweets. It’s probably this passion which has lead to us being ranked amongst the top british vegan sweet brands as voted by LiveKindly.

For some, buying vegan recipe sweets is enough – and that’s fine! We on the other hand are passionate about supporting vegan-owned businesses as well as vegan products where possible. By purchasing from a vegan owned company, you have the comfort of knowing that your money is leaving the continuous cycle of being spent on animal cruelty. We’re certainly not spending our profits on animal products, more like fruit, nuts, beans, legumes and the odd vegan burger!

As part of our ongoing journey to live cruelty free lives, we moved our personal and business energy provider to a much more ethical alternative. Who’s heard of Bulb?

bulb coupon code 50 offBulb seem to have exploded from nowhere in recent years, probably because they now boast 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas. Impressive right? Not only that, they offered us considerable savings compared to our previous provider who was one of the ‘big-six’.

Bulb are not perfect, but no energy company is currently. So we chose them as the best option from the stats that were available to us.

We’ve been so happy with Bulb so far, and it took literally two minutes of our time to swap. They dealt with everything from there, speaking to our old provider, and seamlessly switching our service. Because of this, and as they are such a forward thinking company, we are happy to recommend them and share our £50 off coupon. No hidden-fees or strings attached, we’re sure you’ll be as happy as we are.

Have a great Monday everyone!
Ryan & Emily
Innocent Sweets Co.

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