Frequent Questions About Our Vegan Sweets.

Find answers to our most commonly asked community questions about our vegan pick and mix service.

Questions About Our Vegan Business

Supporting independent vegan businesses is important to me, are you vegan owned?

Whilst we mostly hide our faces and lifestyle from the company social profiles, we are in fact both passionate long-term vegans ourselves. Veganism to us is ‘for the animals’, but the environment is also a natural concern that almost goes hand in hand with our love for all beings. After all, without the environment, the animals would have not place to call home. All who work for Innocent Sweets Co. are vegan in their personal life.

How is Innocent Sweets Co responsible to the environment?

We believe we’re actually well on the way to being a truly eco-friendly business, but as people who always strive for perfection we know there is a lot more that can be done which we are planning and will complete with time. Whilst other companies bang the ‘sustainable packaging’ drum, we think there is far more to an eco-friendly business. Yes our packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable, all whilst being FSC certified sustainable but we have taken measures above and beyond that which many customers do not even consider. The electricity that powers our building for example is 100% from renewable sources and 100% vegan. No animals are harmed in the production of our electricity and there are very few companies who can preach this.

We’re also very conscious of plastic use within the business. We add absolutely no plastic in with any of our sweets. The only plastic you will find in your box is on sweets that come pre-packaged in plastic such as lollies and refresher bars. We have considered removing these, but a poll to our customer base decided that they should stay. In very rare circumstances, we may need to add a few small strips of packaging tape to about 1-2% of our orders. These are usually bulk orders or overseas orders, and even then we are looking at alternate solutions to effectively seal these packages.

Questions About Our Vegan Sweets

What percentage of your sweets are vegan?

Unlike some websites that have a mix of veggie, vegan and even sweets that contain animal, Innocent Sweets Co are entirely vegan. We mean 100% vegan! Every single sweet on this website can be purchased with confidence that it is completely vegan and free from animal product.

How scrupulous are your sweets checked to make sure they are vegan?

You see horror stories of companies miss-selling vegetarian sweets for vegan. Countless times we have seen beeswax or egg white as a minor ingredient and this is deemed acceptable. Acceptable how?! To us, as vegans ourselves, vegan recipe means absolutely no use of any animal product no matter how minimal. We are very experienced on the various names for different no vegan ingredients, if they weren’t 100% vegan, we wouldn’t eat them ourselves (and we eat a lot 😉).

What size are your sweet boxes?

Our standard size box is was recently upgraded 900g which is A LOT of sweets. This size box is perfect for a one person or a couple sharing. They will last as long as you allow them too but we personally have one of these boxes between us each month and it lasts a good few weeks. The jumbo box was also upgraded recently too, and is a whopping 500g more weighing in at 1.4kg, perfect for a sharing family or those with an extra-sweet tooth craving!

How long will your sweets last?

We are asked this question an awful lot so its worth going into some detail. All our sweets are sent with usually one month Best Before. That Best Before date is defined by us and is not their expiry date. As sweets are full of sugar, they naturally have very long expiry dates, so the sweets that you receive that state you should eat within a month are actually good for 6+ months in most cases if stored correctly. We have such a quick turnaround that stock is very rarely more than a few weeks old before it is sold and in our vacuum sealed storage environments they can last years. You can quickly see why there’s not much to worry about.

How should I store my sweets?

If you want your sweets to last as long as possible, first you have to try not eat them all in one sitting 😜! The next thing you can do is move them from the box we sent them in to a airtight reusable glass or plastic container. In this container they will stay fresh and last a very long time, far longer than it will take for you to eat them.

I am vegan and gluten intolerant, do you have any gluten free sweets for me?

Not only do we offer a dedicated Gluten Free sweet box which is the same price as our standard box. With us, you don’t pay a premium for having an intolerance. You can also use our fully populated ingredients list to identify sweets that are Gluten Free and use this information to make your own GF box using our DIY pick and mix service.

What about Palm Oil?

This has long been a topic of debate amongst vegans and whilst palm oil is technically a vegan product, it does have an association with deforestation which is an ethical concern for many. Some of our sweets do contain palm oil, there is no getting around that, but sweets that use this ingredient are clearly labelled here

All palm oil in our products is certified sustainable and responsibly sourced, so hopefully that gives you some piece of mind.

Do you plan to introduce more sweets?

When we first opened our online doors in November 2019, we started with around 35 sweet varieties. This has quickly surpassed 50 permanently stocked sweet varieties so the answer is yes, we are always innovating and we are always on the lookout for vegan sweet alternatives so you can enjoy your childhood favourite pick and mix, completely cruelty free.

Questions About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Can I recycle my packaging?

All our sweets currently come in FSC Certified Sustainable cardboard boxes. These boxes are not only sourced responsibly, but they are completely recyclable as part of your standard household recycling. Nothing special required, no compost bin required, so everyone can do it and nothing goes to waste! If you did want to compost them however, feel free! They are also entirely bio-degradable.

Why do you use boxes and other companies use pouches?

We actually considered these plant-based plastic pouches as a viable option, but after some intensive research and commissioning two independent micro-biologists for their opinions, the conclusion was that these pouches can actually be a lot more harmful to the environment than the more commonly used cardboard. Plant-based plastics are still by definition plastic, and unless they are disposed of properly, they are just another single use plastic. These compostable pouches require an adequate compost heap to break down, and given that a small percentage of households that have this luxury at their disposal, it seems over-complicated and in the words of the experts we comissioned, “nothing more than a marketing gimmick”. You’ll also find that companies using pouches actually send them in a cardboard box anyway, doubling on waste and completely going against the original purpose of the pouches trying to be more eco-friendly. Keep it simple, keep it responsibly sourced cardboard.

Your sweets are vegan, what about your packaging?

Our boxes are not only FSC accredited for sustainability, but they are entirely vegan. You wouldn’t usually think about packaging not being vegan, but you have to be so careful about different coloured dyes and even the glue that seals the box shut. In our case, this is a plant-based glue so entirely vegan. The only thing to mention is that after we have shipped your parcel, we cannot confirm whether Royal Mail uses vegan glue / ink with their stamps as part of their postal service, but for obvious reasons this is beyond our control.

Questions About UK Delivery

How long will my sweets take to reach me?

We are currently operating on a Royal Mail 2nd Class service for our sweets. We have chosen this because 1st Class is considerably more expensive for you (the customer) and it only arrives with you 1-day earlier at best. The standard time for Royal Mail 2nd Class deliveries is 2-3 working days. If you order before 12pm, it’s likely we will send your sweets out the same day. If you order after 12pm, you will have missed our collection time and they will be posted the following day. Though Royal Mail do deliver on Saturday – Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s do not count towards the 2-3 working days.

My sweets arrived damaged, what should I do?

It is very rare that your sweets should arrive damaged, however if the Royal Mail do damage your sweet box in transit it’s very important you follow this process. Firstly, it is likely that they will place the box into a plastic bag with a note to inform you of the damage. If this does happen to you, please contact us immediately with photo evidence of how the product came. Please be sure to include a picture of the bag and the Royal Mail note too. Do not panic, it is very easy for us to organise a refund or replacement box in these circumstances.

If the sweets have arrived damaged and the Royal Mail are unaware of the damage (they haven’t placed the box in a damage bag), again please contact us immediately with photo evidence and we will open a case with them on your behalf. Under these circumstances, we will have to judge each case individually but cannot guarantee a swift resolution until Royal Mail have accepted our case.

Do you only use Royal Mail?

Currently we only use Royal Mail for our standard website deliveries. We have assessed the potential of using other couriers but currently they are not a good fit for our business. Royal Mail has strong reputation compared to some of other couriers and we want the very best for our customers.

How do I leave special delivery requests?

Another common question, but unfortunately we have absolutely no way of passing special delivery requests on to the Royal Mail. We would love to be able to do this for customers but that is not how they operate.

Do you delivery to Jersey?

Jersey is considered part of the United Kingdom so good news, addresses in Jersey are accepted under our standard UK delivery.

Do you delivery to Republic of Ireland?

Whilst Northern Ireland is accepted under our standard UK delivery, Republic of Ireland is technically not part of the United Kingdom and as such delivery can be arranged but at International Rates. This is not a decision we have made personally, it is dictated by the Royal Mail themselves. Delivery to Republic of Ireland is quite expensive (between £10-£20 per 2kg of goods) but if you would like more information and an accurate quote you can contact us directly.

Questions About Worldwide Delivery

Why can’t I place International orders on the website?

International delivery prices can fluctuate often and by large amounts. We want to make sure we are offering the best costs at all time whilst not absorbing those delivery costs into our own profits. As such, we treat each International order request individually and provide you with the most up-to-date, affordable and accurate price at the time of enquiry.

Who do you use for International deliveries?

As with our standard orders, in most international orders we will still use the Royal Mail. Once your sweets have landed in another country, they will be handed to a third-party courier and the remainder of the journey will become their responsibility.

Where do you deliver across the globe?

We regularly deliver to parts of Europe and even the US, and we can in theory delivery anywhere it the world that allow it, but there is an associated premium cost for this service. Delivery charges to Europe ranges from £10-£20 per 2kg of goods and the rest of the world can be between £15-£30 per 2kg of goods. If you would like to place an order outside of the UK, please contact us direct.

Questions About Product Returns & Refunds

I’ve changed my mind and no longer want my sweet order?

As we action all orders as soon as possible, 99% of orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. Unfortunately as soon as they have entered into the postal system, however soon that may be, we can no longer accept a returned package for a refund as it has left our sterile food environment. What we recommend is that you reach out to us as soon as possible if you have made this decision and we will do our upmost best to hold the order before it is dispatched and refund you.

I did not like the taste of your sweets, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer customers a refund due to personal taste preference. 

Questions About Partnerships & Collaborations

I would like to promote your business through my social media profile, do you offer free sweets?

We are often asked about free sweets and quite simply if we said yes to everyone we would soon be out of business. For this reason we do not send free samples except in very mitigating circumstances. Please do not take offence to this, we welcome all social influencers who wish to partner with us as part of our formal affiliate program.

Do you have a partner program?

Absolutely, whilst we do try to use as much natural means of promotion, we also have a partner program for our biggest fans who want to share our business and earn commission on any direct sales. Please keep in mind that our affiliate application process is very scrupulous and we very rarely have openings so please do not be offended if we do not accept you as a partner.

100% Vegan

As vegans ourselves, all sweets that we supply are checked, checked again, and then once more for good measure to ensure they are vegan.

Fast Recorded Delivery

Of course you want your sweets in a hurry, that’s why we offer a choice of 1st or 2nd Class Signed-For Delivery fulfilled by the Royal Mail.


Our packaging is responsibly sourced and made from recycled material. We take measures to reduce our use of plastic and lower our carbon footprint.

100% Vegan

As vegans ourselves, all sweets that we supply are checked, checked again, and then once more for good measure to ensure they are vegan.

Fast Recorded Delivery

Of course you want your sweets in a hurry, that’s why we offer a choice of 1st or 2nd Class Signed-For Delivery fulfilled by the Royal Mail.


Our packaging is responsibly sourced and made from recycled material. We take measures to reduce our use of plastic and lower our carbon footprint.